Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Day Halloween Challenge

I would like to start off nice and easy with this challenge, and slowly slip into lengthier and deeper posts. Sound like a good idea to you all?

I've already missed a few days out of the 31 so I'm going to be playing a short game of catch-up in order to get through them all. I'll be trying to post other things in-between them so that MTAN doesn't end up looking like it's congested with candy corn and glittery bats. (Well, okay. Maybe it still will. This is me we're talking about...)

Here is the list in full:

Day 1- Favorite Halloween movie(s).
Day 2 - Would you spend a night in a haunted house?
Day 3 - Favorite Halloween song.
Day 4 - Favorite candy.
Day 5 - Least favorite candy.
Day 6 - Favorite ghost Story.
Day 7 - Favorite fictional horror movie character.
Day 8 - What do you use to hold your candy while trick or treating?
Day 9 - A personal supernatural experience.
Day 10 - Favorite Halloween attraction.
Day 11 - Favorite Tim Burton movie.
Day 12 - A TV show or movie that freaks you out.
Day 13 - Favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show song.
Day 14 - Ideal Halloween costume.
Day 15 - Your biggest fear.
Day 16 - Zombies or vampires?
Day 17 - Scariest fictional character.
Day 18 - Favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character.
Day 19 - A Halloween tradition.
Day 20 - Best Halloween prank you know.
Day 21 - Best Halloween decorations or tips.
Day 22 - A scary picture.
Day 23 - Favorite fall food.
Day 24 - Your favorite pumpkin carving.
Day 25 - Do you believe in spirits?
Day 26 - Plans for Halloween this year.
Day 27 - First person you want to meet when you die?
Day 28 - Favorite family Halloween movie.
Day 29 - Favorite zombie movie.
Day 30 - Best costume you’ve worn so far.
Day 31 - Your costume this year.