Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Challenge: Candy! ♥

Day 3: Favorite candy & Day 4: Least favorite candy

This is a short post, so I'm lumping these two together so I can catch up!

My favorite candy is most definitely Sour Patch Kids, but that's not to say I've never met a piece of chocolate I didn't like, let's put it that way. Oh yes, dear readers; Lilith's pudgy tummy can attest to this fact. I'm also extremely partial to candy corn and mellocreme pumpkins in the fall!

Least favorite is a hard notion to ponder, indeed! I don't really like anything with coconut or too much peanuts, like Mounds or Pay Day bars; I've never been one for Tootsie Rolls, KitKat bars, or Jolly Ranchers, but that's not to say I wouldn't eat them! I'm a fussy eater, so this title has to go to a candy I find so noxious, so utterly atrocious, that I can't even stand to eat it... But what wouldn't I...

Oh no. Oh.... Oh no. Shield thine eyes! Hide the children!

The enemy. (source)
No. I absolutely will not eat these.. these things. I like licorice! I really do. I especially like red licorice. But these things? They are just disgusting to me and I refuse to eat them. Blehhhhhhhh--- Get thee away from my trick or treat basket! Be gone with thee!

I think second prize also goes to "Bit-o-Honey." I was never sure why anyone in their right minds would even buy these, let alone give them to random children...

Love and Midnight Milky Way bars,