Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haircuts: The Power of Release

Have you ever realized after you have a haircut, you feel so much better? Like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders? (And, yeah, okay, some literal weight has been lifted off your shoulders, but still...)

This may sound strange, but I believe that our hair is capable of holding us back sometimes. This belief started when I was in junior high and taking choir lessons along with the other sopranos with Mr. D, whom I had found out much later is actually a very spiritual man and used to be a swami of some sort. I forget how we originally got onto the topic (it's been over eight years ago!), but we started talking about how haircuts make us feel so much better and how weird that was, because it's really just protein and dead ends. However, I'll never forget Mr. D conversing with us and imparting us with this interesting theory that every little thing that happens to us grows into our hair and is carried with us. When we cut our hair, we are partaking in the literal act of symbolically cutting off those moments in the past that haunt us and hold us back from being the best we can be.

I know that sounds like a bunch of hullabaloo, but every time I go for a haircut I feel just the teensiest bit better about myself. I feel more confident. Yes, I know this is also because I just got a haircut so I'm looking neat and cleaned up, but I do actually still feel like cutting my hair helps me cleanse myself of negative things I don't need in my life. I feel like all the the things that have been bothering me and building up over time instantly leave me or become easier to shed and shrug off. I feel renewed. I'm constantly under stress or bottling my emotions up. Could this be why my hair grows so fast?!?

Lately my hair has grown so long and unruly, I feel like it's just begging for a haircut. I mean, I really am due for one, and I can't exactly pull off this year's Halloween costume without shorter hair than I have now. I've also been so depressed and emotional in the past few months, that I honestly wonder if it's because I haven't been able to cut those ties to stupid little bygones. I foresee a haircut in my near future!

Here's to haircuts and making a symbolic detachment from all those things that pissed you off or made you sad!
Love and Sharp Scissors,