Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Challenge: Fictional Horror Characters

Day 7: Favorite fictional horror movie character.

Does... Does Betelgeuse from Beetlejuice count as a horror movie character?!? Can he? Can he please?!?

How can you say no to that face?
*Sighs* I guess not, huh?

If you count "Comedy Horror" as Horror, then he most definitely would be my favorite. But... Since I know a lot of people wouldn't consider Beetlejuice to be a legitimate horror movie, I guess I'm going to have to consider somebody else, and I'm not sure who I'd choose. You see, while I've found that I do love horror movies to death (ouch, mind your puns, woman!), I'm still building on my "horror movie street cred," so I still haven't seen many of them! A shame, I know.

I want to pick a character that I think is a badass and that I wouldn't mess with. That's suitable, right? And there are three that fit with the mold.

First off, Freddy Krueger. I, admittedly have yet to see this movie in full. Shame on me, shame shame, I know! But from what I have seen, he's a badass and a murderer with the same sick sense of humor as Betelgeuse, and I appreciate that. I also like how Nightmare on Elm Street has Nancy as its main character, who is an admirable and strong female heroine who needs way more appreciation and love than she gets, in my opinion. Okay, yeah: This is a movie I need to make sure I watch this month!

The other two characters I think fit this "BAMF horror character" mold are in the same movie, and I think I actually prefer them together. They would be Chucky and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky. I caught this movie on TV one October a few years ago and I thought it was so horrific and yet so funny that it immediately became a favorite horror flick for me. I also believe this movie helped ease me into loving horror films, as I know there was some period of time where I didn't like scary or gory movies. (Hard to imagine now, to be honest! Though I still can't watch "torture" films, like Saw or Hostel).

Tiffany mourns her ex-boyfriend, Chucky's, death... Or does she?

I thought Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany) made an excellent addition to Chucky's side. The two of them were maniacal, dangerous, and yet pretty adorable and sexy as a couple, if I may say that about two psychopathic dolls.

Chucky and his bride! (source)
I must say, though, that after seeing this movie, I can't help but feel like my Living Dead Dolls are watching me and making sure I'm nice to them. Or else. I can't have Lydia and Betelgeuse dolls running rampant now, can I?

Love and "Barbie, Eat your heart out,"