Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things That Influenced Me: Horror Hearses

"How did I become who I am today?"

We've all thought about it before, I'm sure. We all probably have our own answers to that question as well...
"I was around my gothic Aunt Sally often and I loved everything about her."
"I saw a photo of a boy in a magazine with spiked hair/a lip ring/a leather jacket/[insert  something here] and I was instantly drawn to the style."
"I listened to nothing but The Cure and Bauhaus for a month when I was 7."

"I was born Gay, but my first crush really cemented it for me / this celebrity set the standard for all men I've ever dated."
"I've kept all my baby teeth ever since they first started coming out."

Like many of you, I've often thought about this, to the point where I've started actively writing down everything I felt had some sort of effect on me when I was younger. The list is continually growing as I find more and more "leads" to things that I used to do, play with, or watch as a little kid! I would love to share with you some of these things that influenced me (TTIM). I also fully hope to hear what you think influenced you to be who you are!

The first installment of this is Horror Hearses, toys my brother and I used to play with when we were consecutively 3 and 5. I had forgotten about these completely until I was looking for some Halloween things to put out and stumbled upon them inside a bag with other toys.

I made this one into a video since they're so visual it was just easier. Enjoy!
As a note, I have read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and am aware that he's the "Frankenstein Monster." I do not know why I made such a stupid mistake, honestly, especially since I often hang my head in shame when someone does the same thing! So I apologize profusely and shall punish myself for my insolence.

I'm also fully serious in that my father has a bunch of these mint in their packaging and has failed to sell them at flea markets and such. If you'd love to own your own, get in touch! They are really cool, really macabre, and deserve a better home than a plastic tub in my basement, quite honestly.

Love and the Bloodmobile,