About and Disclaimers


This is a blog dedicated to alternative lifestyles and awareness. What is this you may ask? Well, anything that "mainstream society" deems to be "different" from the "norm" (whatever that is).

Why the name "Much Taboo About Nothing?"
Let's take a label attached to a group of people, say "Goths" or "Homosexuals." Both of these groups are considered "different," "unusual," or "not normal" by a vast number of people who consider themselves to be "normal." Some of these people don't like talking about such "weird lifestyles", hobbies, and interests and thus deem them inappropriate, not "normal," and, in extreme cases, forbid them entirely (which is generally the definition of "taboo"). However, there are many many people who consider themselves to be Goth or Homosexual, and so these lifestyles really aren't as "taboo" as some make them out to be. Really, much of the controversy over somebody's lifestyle seems ridiculous to me if people are still good people at their core. To me, it is much taboo over nothing. I decided to make this blog for anyone who lives life differently. For me. For people like me.

And yes, of course, I like Shakespeare too.

Special thanks goes out to my good friend, Nelson ("Doctor Bollocks"), for helping me figure out the perfect title!

What does that mean then?
 Basically it means you will be seeing a lot of things here that have to do with lifestyles, subcultures, perspectives, hobbies, and interests. I will be blogging mostly of my own experiences, therefore I may not cover something I'm not familiar with, unless you ask me to. If you want to see a certain topic discussed, by all means LET ME KNOW! It may or may not be already in the works, but letting me know what you're interested in seeing may move a topic ahead or make sure I eventually post something about it!

What can we expect to see from you?
Here's an umbrella list of the more prevalent topics! :D
-LGBTQ community and issues
-Goth (and other subcultures)
-Paganism and Inter-religious
-Body Modification and Piercings
-Body Image
-Gender, Sex, and Sexuality discussions
-Oddities and Curiosities
-Sex Positive atmosphere
-General Geekery
-Guest posts
-Much much more!

I am also planning on including interviews and reviews! Please contact me if you'd like to schedule an interview or ask me to review anything. I reserve the right to withhold my personal information from contacts. I also do not guarantee that all reviews will be 100% positive, but will always try to balance out with pros and cons, if any.


Any images that are not mine, I will credit back to their sources. Any images and artwork that are mine are copyright to me and may not be used unless you have my permission or credit and link them back to me. If you see an image that is yours and do not wish it to be used, contact me and it will be removed immediately. As the adverse side to this, if you think you have art/photos that should be featured, contact me.

Guest bloggers will probably not be often since this is my personal blog. Unless I do not know a close friend who knows a considerable amount of knowledge on subject, I will not be asking for guest bloggers nor accepting messages asking to be a guest blogger. This is a special honor I will give to my friends and bloggers I watch who I feel could do a topic justice.

All posts are my opinions and observations or those of my guest bloggers. I will not tolerate trolls or people-bashing of any kind on my posts. Such comments will be deleted the instant I see them and users banned if I feels it is called for.

"Much Taboo About Nothing" is most likely a popular play on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and thus is probably used for other blogs and titles. I claim no hold to this title but this sure as hell is my blog and I will not tolerate people copying my work nor anyone else's featured on this blog.

ANY AND ALL content written here by me is copyright to me and CANNOT be used without my strict permission. If you quote me, feel free to credit and source me (and let me know! :D).

Same goes for my guest bloggers. ALL content written by guest bloggers is copyright to them and CANNOT be used without the explicit permission of both me and the writer.